Hallo jeans köpfe

See…we’re already talking the language! If only learning a new language was that easy, although everybody we spoke to at @selvedgerun had better English than me & Ben anyway. Ha!

*Due to us both being in Berlin we didn’t post a ‘Men Behind…’ feature last night. We apologise if you tuned in for that but next week we shall be back to normal*

So, Selvedge Run No.6 is in the rear-view mirror but the after-party hangovers are definitely not! I can honestly say that I have never seen so much good clobber in one place and, from a guy that is quite outfit-confident, never felt as sartorially intimidated. Everybody, to a man and woman, that we saw + spoke to were a real pleasure to be around and we look forward to publishing the interviews, we penned, in the next couple of weeks so, stay tuned!

I’m guessing you’d like to see a few pics and maybe hear about who we managed to get in the makeshift hot-seat we set up at the show? Yes??

As you can see we held the floor with a number of top brands including 3sixteen, Iron Heart, Viberg, 877 Workshop, Red Wing, Knickerbocker plus many, many more! We shall be drip feeding these interviews over to you guys in the next couple of weeks. Leave you wanting more and all that…

…you can also see that we found time in our busy schedule for THAT bratwurst 

Enjoy the weekend people! Peace.