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Anyways, tonight we have a newcomer in clobbsy interview room 1A...so be gentle, a good cop, good cop type of deal! Giving us his side of the story regards the recent railroad belt collab we've done with our pals over @barnesandmoore, Nick aka @boot_addict, has only been found guilty of smashing his write-up 👌

So sit back, relax, crack open a cold one and enjoy a review that's obvs close to our hearts. Peace


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Belts, pretty cool things right? They hold up your denim, they can make you look like a cowboy (if you get the right one) and you can use it as a zipwire handle. All very rugged and manly stuff.  

There are loads of belts out there, I’ve tried them all (well nearly). If you want a belt to do the job, you need a minimum 10oz-er, otherwise you’ll just get that sag in the back of the denim, the bit where the belt gave up because it’s trying to save you from the ‘builders butt’ look, not very nice or rugged.

I’ve had a Barnes and Moore belt before so I knew they were as solid as a rock, these guys use beautiful leathers and great manly buckles. The belt I had from them before was the copper buckled, Tarnsjo leather belt, an absolute stunner. There’s some great patina on the buckle, as well as the leather. So when the Clobber lot said they were doing a collab; damn, I was in even before I had seen the belt.

The Tarnsjo leather has that beautiful velvety texture, it feels so nice in the hand, rugged but smooth. You know your denim’s safely in position when you’ve got this leather on. It’s solid and pretty all at the same time. The patina on it is so nice, after a few wears it gets a subtle tiger-like striped effect on some areas before it starts to darken off. It’s so good, you literally want to caress it with the neat’s-foot oil after a couple of wears to nourish it, keeping that lovely velvety texture. 

The Clobber collab belt was made from the same Tarnsjo leather I had knew was tried and tested, so as soon as orders were up, I nabbed one. Early July 2018 could not come soon enough, let me tell you. 

Knock knock, oh hello Mr Postie! It arrived, the belt I’d been waiting for.. right, where’s that knife? Woah, it was everything I wanted. First of all the packaging was top notch, so if you’re buying this beautiful belt as a present, it’s a great buy. It comes in a well presented box and the belt nestles itself in some wooden shavings; just like you’ve got it from the woods yourself. Paired with a bottle of neat’s-foot oil in a little apothecary bottle,  so you can look after the leather and make it even better.

The belt itself is a 2 inch thick beauty. You really don’t get many belts this thick, most tend to be around 1.5 – 1.75, which is all very well, but to be a real man, well you need 2 inches of 13oz leather; so I was pleased to bag this one. The leather is 13oz of beautiful velvety, veg tan goodness. I’m seriously impressed. The double pronged railroad buckle is something different, but the feel and look of the short stumpy buckle is the best. I usually go for a big thick buckle, but with a belt this good, you don’t need your buckle to do the talking, the thick, strong, buttery leather does everything. 

It sits great on my denim, keeping them up above my arse; kinda what a belt should, but so many don’t! It’s a real winner, bring on the patina journey on the buckle and the leather. Check out the shots on my account, they’ll be plenty of them over the coming month @boot_addict 

~ Boot Addict 23-7-18