This week, lads and ladies, our Brand Focus shines the spotlight on our Belgium-based brothers Rob & Keith, the Founders of @eatdust Denim.

Eat Dust have been peddling top quality denim for a fair few years now and season-after-season they produce top quality, eye catching denim/chambray/jacquard/leather and, well, everything else that's tough as shit and born to last.

"Clobber-Calm, what an amazing bunch of people! Had a great time at the event. They work hard and party harder!" ~ Rob

We had Rob visit the Supply Co., a couple of weeks back, to enjoy a beer and the bikes on show during the CCSC Rally Social. With him, came a tonne of new Eat Dust denim and leather that we can now make available for mouths to drool over...

Some say "Eat Dust is a biker brand" and, this is understandable as, these dudes DO have killer bikes but "biker brand" they are not. The selection we have in the Co. is much more versatile than that and their SS18 shirt collections are far beyond anything biker related. Quality fabrics, design and fit are what I would say defines this "almost cult" denim brand.

You can see our @eatdust offering HERE. Personally, I recommend the Bloodline Chore. I just invested in the indigo version as the black one I've spent months breaking in was bought off my back during the @ccscrallysocial. This really needs to stop happening soon! The best bit is when it's broken in!! I gotta learn to say no!!!

Anyway, enjoy the collection brothers/sisters and if you have any questions just blast them our way at

Stay raw folks.