Evening all. Hope the blood that's blue is continuing to wash strongly through your ever healthy raw denim hearts ūüíô

As always it's me, Ben, and I'm coming at you head on with this weeks 'Brand Spotlight' and by god it's a simple one as all I have to do is wax lyrical for a paragraph or so regards LA-based dudes, Rogue Territory aka @rgt.

Karl and Leslie (husband/wife/mum/dad) behind RGT have got their shit together good when it comes to producing and distributing quality denim and denim-related clothing. Humble as they are, regards there efforts to provide us all with warp & weft magic. The heads of the #rgtfam are well and truly routed in the belief that raw rocks, that fit is the bit that counts and hard wearing sustainable functionality by style is the future. As do WE! Romantic eh?!

Anyways, now that the SS18 styles have dropped from team RGT we are in a tip-top position to mention our brothers & sisters from other mothers & misters that live across the big pond. Shirts/jackets/jeans/hats are what we have and today is all about YOU knowing that too.

That's enough from me, for now, and it's time to let the product do the talking so feast your eyes on our Rogue Territory offering HERE¬†and please by all means click through to checkout¬†on anything that catches your eye ūüėČ Limited here in the UK...wait, in fact Europe, it's a pleasure to be able to support the brand and help their solid reputation grow.

Big hello's to Karl and Leslie while we are at it, and to the rest of you, have a totally banging week and I'll catch you Sunday for the next 'Best Cuts' release.

#keepthetradealive y'all. Speak soon. Stay raw.

Ben @clobbercalm