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Redwing Heritage - Clobbercalm

Being totally and utterly intrigued by things that looked better with wear i was instantly absorbed into the Red Wing world as soon as i understood what they were. I remember it clearly, I was in Berlin back in 2010 and visited the store and then boom! The shop assistant was preaching to the converted before he even opened his mouth. There was a display of vintage Wings sat on a wall to the left of the entrance and the character they held far overshadowed anything else i had seen during my trip. Including that great big wall everybody talks about. #onedaythesewillbemine i thought to myself. 

Fast forward 8 years and here i am supporting, stocking and wearing the brand daily. It’s funny as we had a guy in the store a few months ago who had the been wearing the same pair of 875's for 30 years! Don't get me wrong they had been resoled a number of times of course but hell! Where else can you find a boot within the Red Wing price range that you can wear for 30 years and beyond? Quite simply, you cant!

Let’s face it, Redwing’s look simple great! They are one of life’s perfect examples of style over fashion. Hear more about style over fashion on our ClobberCasts where we cover this topic weekly! When Charles Beckman (The Founder of Red Wing) built his First Moc Toe he wasn't thinking about fashion! FACT!

These boots weren't built for walking, They were built for working! 

Take a look for yourselves brothers! 

- Ben @clobbercalm