Hello people.

As of this going LIVE I'm probably a few beers deep driving a barge on a Nottingham canal...don't ask!

Tonight's interviewee will not long be back from a hard day's graft at the supply co. as we have a family member in the chair this evening. If you don't follow @clobbercalm.amanda already then you're doing it wrong! Her Insta stories are a highlight of most of my morning's Insta-spanning and are a perfect insight into the personality we get to spend time with on the daily 🙌

Not only that, Amanda is an encyclopaedia of denim knowledge and she also let me loose with an indigo vat once which shows a massive level of trust (God help me on this barge) aha...

...so, sit back, relax, crack open a cold one and enjoy the thoughts of my Sister from another Mister as @clobbercalm.amanda answers the @clobbercalm 10@10.

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NAME: Amanda Barnes aka @clobbercalm.amanda &  @23oz.indigo
AGE: Ageless
LOCATION: Manchester, UK
OCCUPATION: Denim consultant, Founder of 23oz.indigo, clobber-calm denim creative

1. So Why Instagram?

This platform is great because there is so much visual freedom, you can communicate and express passions in one picture which is quick and easy to create and consume. This is perfect for me as I love capturing images of things that inspire me on my travels and in life, being able to recommended a place or convey a feeling is much easier through pictures. I like playing with the features and using the stories for doodling, it is definitely a mini creative outlet.

2. Why Denim, Boots, Workwear, Ruggedness?

I have always been interested in clothing and fashion, and studied this at college, and University focusing on design. I went on to work within a supply for major high street brands, starting on the denim team, from that point on I was hooked and wanted to know everything about this versatile fabric and the manufacturing of it. I was able to gain a lot of experience and visit different countries to see their set ups and I started to sway toward the more sustainable options as I saw the effects the industry was having on the environment and the change in consumers behaviour as they were demanding cheaper, faster fashion. Over the years this became increasingly frustrating and hard to ignore and I researched a lot more into long-lasting items, investment pieces and things that get better with age and repairing. Investing in a quality garment/boots that are seasonless and will last and that can be maintained through repair is a concept that is still quite rare but hopefully growing, I would like to be a small part of helping that spread. I'm not saying that I'm perfect as it is hard to break old habits and the most sustainable clothes you have are the ones you have already but I do try to make better choices as both a consumer and maker such as using good quality materials, vintage workwear and recycled items to try to stop the excessive amounts of waste clothing out in the world.

3. What are your thoughts on the rise in popularity of “Instafashion” and the community it is creating? 

Love it, the awesome people I have been able to connect with through Instagram has been a really great experience and sharing a passion/obsession with likeminded people across the world is an amazing privilege. As a follower of many, getting feedback and supporting others in their ventures is what I enjoy most, being able to send someone a positive thumbs up is the best and can lead to chats that lead you down new exciting paths. It will be interesting to see how this platform develops over time as surely not everyone can be an 'influencer’.

4. Top 3 brands to shop and why?

- Dawson Denim, I love meeting makers and the people behind the brands and these guys are such a lovely couple that have a lot of time for us and their passion, knowlegde and quality shines through in their goods.

- Naked and Famous, absolutely love their engagement with their customers and their innovation in a world that is very heritage based, they are pushing the boundaries of what true selvedge can do all the time and they have thought of and cater for those who don’t have as much to spend by providing their 'Unbranded' brand, all the quality of N&F but without the fussy bits and manufactured in China.

- Hiut denim, I have loved these guys for years, not alone for the concept of creating jobs in their town and their quality jeans but all the other amazing creative stuff that comes from these guys such as the ‘Do Lectures’, the do books, their yearbooks and their newsletter recommendations.

Kelly & Scott Dawson

5. Where’s your favorite place to shop these brands?

Has to be clobber-calm supply co. obviously. When I first visited the store I was blown away, such an awesome place and a great atmosphere. Other than this we try to visit any denim and coffee shops whenever we travel anywhere…a lot of my trips/holidays are based around denim hence the use of #denimtourist on many of my images and the best place have been the Statement denim store in Munich, love Tenue de Nimes in Amsterdam and Clutch Cafe is a winner…any store that has a decent coffee shop in is already winning! So many more on the list, so little time.

6. When did you decide to voice and share your love for your threads on social media?

I found I had so many great images of the denim industry through my work and travels I wanted to share them somewhere so a couple of years ago I started putting them out into the world and found it quite therapeutic. It was more about trying to find my tribe and looking for acceptance in the denim world.

7. What’s the secret behind your great images; Who takes them? When are they taken? How do you capture the magic your followers enjoy so much?

I try not to overthink it and just take pics as and when I see things, I do filter both the images and what I post as I like it to look cohesive and also like to add value and positivity to peoples feeds where possible.

8. What feeds do you like to follow and check in on? Who should we check out?

Of course @clobbercalm is top of the list. There are so many, way too many to mention but I always check out the ultimate denimduettes such as Amy Leverton and Kelly Harrington, they are great inspo for ladies denim. Mostly follower makers and fellow denim heads such as Jess Murray @aegishandcraft, Harmony Hendrickx @ckxstudio, Lucrezia @denimdreamer, Naomi @naomirodgers79, @denimhunters @pigeontreecrafting @shunjiohshi @bluebirdsofdenim @ropedye @ponytailjournal @spry_workwear, @koenkuik, @curious_corners_studio I also follower a lot of indigo dyers. denim stores, vintage clothing and brands…@yesgraham, @storymfg @bonum.jp @blueprintamsterdam @dawsondenim @pinkomostore @swissjeansfreak @theshopvancouver @raggedbythreads @peppinopeppino @smallbatchsupply @railcarfinegoods @nakedandfamous @blackhorselane…there are so many more this is just skimming the surface. Not even mentioned some inspo accounts..@millsustwo @jengotch @andykpizza @fash_rev @markshayler @davidhieatt @garyvee….and not even mentioned all the amazing denim fam, coffee shops and local awesome businesses and creatives….may have to wait till another blog hey!

      9. What is like being a lady in, what could be seen as, a man’s world? After all you rock the blue better than most of the blokes!

      The limited selection of actual great fitting selvedge is frustrating as many times I can’t pull off a mens jean as, quite rightly, they are tailored for lad curves. The search is always on and it's a great challenge to have. I love vintage hunting, workwear throws up alot more options for me and I love reworking items into a more unisex style. I will always be a raw selvedge denim fan and appreciate and although it is a mainly male dominated area I have never felt that to be an issue and it's great to be accepted into the wider community and be included in geeky denim chats. I have seen a raise in denim dudettes through the help of Amy Leverton's book and through Instagram as we are able to connect and share our experiences.

      10. And Lucky Last, You’re going to be stranded on a desert island and you can take 1 outfit (4 items) Only and 1 x drink with you. What would they be? Who made them? And Why?

      My vintage workwear pants, so comfy and hardwearing, quick drying and lots of pockets, probs my clobber-calm tee purely because it washes well and it's organic so if I did have to ditch it, it would bio-degrade without too much damage to the desert. Some grey ladies Red Wing boots as they seem to be like gold dust and are on my wish list so I can wander the island in style as well as knowing I can get them re-soled and scrubbed up to new again once I get rescued. Then probably some kind of re-worked overcoat from Bonum because I love their stuff and I would need something that is multipurpose to protect me from the elements and maybe use as a shelter but also I figure I could add to it with found scrap fabrics washed up and it would add to its charm. My one drink would be cordial if I am being practical, add bit of flavour to boiled water...or on the other hand vodka and coke, might as well enjoy being on an island.

        FYI, image alt text is required

        Super stuff A! Knew it was going to be a great one before even reading the first sentence tbh. Them grey Red Wings would get some awesome patina on the island eh? Got to go with the voddy coke too, surely? Team CCSC ✌️

        If anybody reading fancies taking a shot at the 10@10 then just fire me over an email at callum@clobbercalm.com. AND that's me out, take it easy guys and have a great weekend ✌️

        Peace and love 
        Cal @clobbercalm.cal