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If you missed out on Mondays blog in regards to @clobbercalm.sean's background and his repair skills here’s an in depth look at what exactly Shaun does when repairing some of your favoured selvedge clobber. This repair was brought in by @eddiebeniston (see their 10@10 here) after his @eatdust took a gnarly slide under his Harley Davidson.

Oh while we’re at it here’s a link to last nights blog ... clobbercalm.com/blogs/news/repairs-with-clobbercalm-sean

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Step by Step

Thread machine with best colour match for the denim, make sure the tension is right for before sewing.

Use recycled denim material that best matches the fabric you’re repairing. 100% cotton on 100% cotton, stretch denim on stretch denim and as close as possible to the same colour.

Using fabric scissors, cut a patch from your recycled denim at least 1cm larger than necessary to cover the whole of the damaged area.

Apply a thin layer of a non-chemical based fabric adhesive, round the edge of the front side of the patch.

Place over the damaged area and press firmly, flattening out any creases and folds between the fabric.

As much as possible, place the patch onto the fabric so the direction of the weave is the same.

Stitch back and forth over the damaged area, sewing where possible with the direction of the weave keeping tight and consistent lines, until the whole area has been reinforced.

Trim any excess threads and loose fabric.