What a 2 weeks it has been since the builders left our new ‘supply co.”

We have been balls deep in shop fitting, getting ready for the opening weekend we just had. The weekend was great…loads’a folks came to say hello and managed to enjoy a good few beers in the process!

The store looks mega, the product is insane and the sales kicked us off to a good steady start.

If I’m honest, this “Final Chapter” is more a feature for me personally so that I have something to look back on whilst reminiscing & wondering how the hell I got here?!

I wanted to mix the previous 5 updates into one final post that can be browsed in a few quick minutes.

Oh I’ve also let the wife talk me into a one week detox! I’m on natural yoghurt and berries. Straight off the back of a week of Greasy Spoon breakfasts and lager! (Why do I let myself get talked into these things??)

Also, please swing by our brand new website so you can check out the awesome offering we have on offer there. should be adding the wallets and belts this aft and our TOPO designs offering shouldn’t be too far behind. All denim is currently available on there though so feel free to reach out to me direct if I can help in anyway!

Anyways, enough chin-wagging, lets get onto some pics…

Right! Now that’s done with, it’s time to get promoting the business and turning some stock! Can’t wait to build stock and continue to get better and better products through the CCSC mill. #letsdothis

Oh and the 10@10’s are back in full swing as of this Thursday! Looking forward to getting stuck back into those. Been missing them tbh!

Stay close people. Much love.
Ben @clobbercalm