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Tonight we have a special feature for you lovely people with an amazing interview we had with some of the denim community stalwarts. The guys in question, @benzakdenimdevelopers, @cultizm and @robindenim, are here to chat about their ‘Denim Fading Contest’ and by golly we’re going to let them!

The platform has been set + I’m a little ropey from a few jars last night so I’m not going to rabbit any longer! Let’s roll.


Benzak x Cultizm x Robin Denim Fading Contest

About twelve years ago, in the high days of the internet forums, denim contests were a very popular thing in the denim community. People got together on Superfuture, Styleforum and MyNudies to talk about denim and share their experiences, and in these places multiple contest were always going on. Founder of BDD, Lennaert, was a very active member and through these forums his own brand was born. With the rise of social media channels such as Facebook and later Instagram, the popularity of these forums shrunk amongst the majority, and with that the contests lost their power. Of course, contests never really died, but were put back into an obscure niche, through the likes of the DWC, with a focus mainly on super heavy weight denim. Since BDD is not a brand known for super heavy weight fabrics (and doesn’t want to be), Lennaert came up with the idea to bring back the contests out of its obscurity and (re)present it (again) to a bigger audience. He approached CULTIZM to be the commercial partner (since they are already a BDD retailer) and Robin Denim for its platform. Both immediately were enthusiastic about the idea and the 3 parties started developing the concept together. The jeans that is now available for preorder is the result of this collaboration!

2. How will the contest be documented? What do we need to do to stay in the loop?

The contest will be documented on Robin Denim. Every month, Robin Denim will publish an article with the 10 best photos. Whether your photo will be featured depends of the fades, but also on the quality of the photo. So, only fading your pair of jeans isn’t enough to be featured on Robin Denim and to stay in the loop, you also need to be creative and take high-quality photos.

The best 10 photos will also be placed on the coming Contest page. This page, that is still in development, will look like a wall of fades.


3. What can we expect from the denim, what makes it a fade contest worthy fabric?

The fabric we selected to create the Contest Jeans is woven at Collect in Okayama, Japan. The Right Hand Twill fabric features a light slub, a red-line selvedge and comes at a weight of 15 oz. We carefully selected this fabric for we believe it will fade nice and quick.

The Contest Jeans comes in Benzak’s most popular fit, named the B-01. The B-01 fit is a modern mid-rise slim fit, which follows a slim silhouette all the way, but provides enough room to feel comfortable in the 15 oz. Kojima contest fabric. The jeans fit the legs nicely without being too tight and because of this, the B-01 fit is suitable for many body types.

All participants will also receive a limited Contest Tee which is made of 100% cotton. This Tee features a small chest pocket and has a contest print at the back.

4. What’s in it for the fade soldiers that sign up for the gig?

Besides a beautiful jeans, a free Contest Tee, lots of fun and competition? Great prizes! The online denim Walhalla CULTIZM, created three prizes to make it even more attractive to enter the fading contest.

1st place: €1.000 Cultizm store credit
2nd place: €500 Cultizm store credit
3rd place: €250 Cultizm store credit

CULTIZM is offering over 90 different brands, so the winners don’t have to worry about their 2019 wardrobe!


5. What should folks that want to be involved do in order to become part of the contest before the jeans sell out?

The pre-order for the contest jeans started on August 1st and is limited to 50 persons only.

In the first two days, we almost sold all pairs, so there are just a few spots left. If people want to enter the contest, our advice is to head over to CULTIZM and secure the spot as soon as possible.



Cannot wait to see how those bad boys fade! When you see who’s involved in a project and just know it’s going to be a good one? This is one of those times guys. So good!

I’d stay tuned for that and also stay tuned for tomorrow as ‘The Brands…’ feature is answered by Adam from @aldenofcarmel and he’s taken a lot of time to piece it together. The good stuff normally takes time so, yeah, looking forward to posting that one!

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