Hello people.

Hope you’re all having a top week so far! I am honoured to be introducing another amazing gent into our fold, here goes!


1. So, who are you?

Good afternoon my dudes, I hope you’re all well. It’s Tim here (@denim_collective), I’m from a small town in Shropshire, UK and in my spare time if I’m not posting outfits on Instagram you can usually find me in my man-cave spinning records or out on the motorbike riding round the gorgeous countryside that I reside in, if the weather is crap you can then find me in the pub. I love ale.

As you can probably tell I’m slowly becoming a Red Wing addict (hence the start of my blog), considering I’ve seen a pair of 70 year old Mocs, you’d think we would only stick to one pair? Man, I was wrong.

This is my first product review that I have written about golden fox boots for clobbercalm (which I’m stoked about being asked to write for cc, cheers Ben) and I honestly hope to write more I’ve had fun.

2. Why have you picked this product to review, how did you come across these?

I came across Golden Fox through the explore page on Instagram, they were one of the first companies I followed when I decided to post photos of the gear that I wear and I fell in love with their product, so I was over the moon that they got in contact with me after a bit of light hearted banter over lasagne (if you have the time I have no dramas about telling you the story) they asked me what pair of boots I liked and if I would like a pair so long as I promised to give them honest feedback about their product. Then it hit me – this would be the perfect opportunity to give the whole product review idea a go. Then after seeing the 12″ wellington wedge pro in the copper colour way I knew that was the way I was headed!

fresh out the box

3. What caught your eye about them?

Have you seen them?? These photos paint a thousand words!

But, if I am being honest, what really caught my eye was the striking contrast between the white of the sole and the copper oil full grain leather which after a solid months wear the soles are covered in mud and the leather has already started telling a story of it’s own….. honestly I have put the boots though rugged tests, from camping in Edinburgh to riding a couple hundred miles on the bike, and they have not disappointed.

4. What is the spec of the product?

  • Oil Full Grain Leather
  • Unlined
  • Dual Density Comfort Insole
  • Texon Midsole
  • Oil & Slip Resistant
  • Shock Absorbing Polyurethane Outsole
  • Goodyear® Welt Construction

on foot shot

5. Why is it a product we should search out and buy?

I’m a guy all about heritage and remembering your roots, and that’s just what golden fox have done with these boots, not only have they kept the design original to its predecessors but they done with 21st century production. they are built to last.

solid months wear

6. Where is it available?

Click the link here for Golden Fox 12″ Wellington Wedge Pro!

7. What’s the price of the product?

The boots retail at $135.00 (£102.25)

on foot shot w whisky

8. The close – any comments from you personally?

If you’re just getting into the whole rugged wear lifestyle but don’t want to spend a lot on a pair of boots but still want to look the part and get your foot in the door…I strongly suggest heading over to these guys. Not only are the boots spot on, their customer care is second to none, I was in contact with them the whole time via email which is hard considering the difference in time zones, I can’t sing these guys enough praise, I really can’t.

I also want to say a huge thank you to Ben for giving me the opportunity to get my voice heard and being a part of clobbercalm I hope to write again soon (I was terrified about writing this, so please only nice comments)

Cheers my dude, take it easy.

~ Tim – @denim_collective 27-9-17