Hello people.

After yesterday's 10@10 with Grifter Company I thought I'd seek out a fellow clobber lover, who'd put them though the paces. It didn't take long… 

...CCSC Rally Social attendee and previous 10@10'er @eddiebeniston lives in his @griftercompanyusa gloves so who better to let us know how tough they really are. 

So,grab a beer, grab a seat and have read of Eddie's review of Grifter Company.

Cheers and Enjoy!
D'Arcy @clobbercalm.darcy

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1. How did you come across Grifter?

I originally came across Grifter company gloves by pure luck, I was on holiday in Berlin and searched about for a few shops to buy some clothes from. I came across Peter Fields a brilliant little shop which stocked Eat Dust @eatdust and various other brands I was familiar with, along with some gloves by Grifter co.

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2. What caught your eye about them?

The gloves looked straight up rugged, short wrist cut and lined, judging by feel and eye you could tell the material would hold up well and age even better whilst riding.

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3. What is the spec of the product?

I bought the Onyx rangers, Wool lined, Canadian selvedge black 13.5os denim and black deer skin leather. Scalloped and longer cuff.

4. Why is it a product we should search out and buy?

Well I’ve had my grifters for 4/5 years now. That’s 5 years of various weathers and activities from Scottish heavy rain, hot temperatures of engines, cold snow and ice used them to cut/handle wood, put out fires (wouldn’t recommend it but things happen) Handled knives, covered in oil, held small dogs And they still to this day hold strong. No splits.

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5. Where is it available?

They’re made in the USA only however they’re sold in various shops such as Peter Fields, Cafe Racer UK, Arkin Supply and Apparelly, from what I know. 

6. What’s the price of the product?

Paid around £79

~ Notes ~

I would be well up for another pair of Grifters, maybe the Blackout scoundrel gloves or og scoundrels.

~ Eddie Beniston 15-5-18