Evening bothers and sisters of the blue blood world. 
Hope your all well!!
This is just a quick one as I wanted to document my thoughts from my recent trip to the King Pins show in Amsterdam last week!
Fuck me it was hot. Very HOT! The venue was great and the drinks/Food were literally on tap! (Ya know FREE) which was great! HOWEVER. The show was very industry related. Maybe a little too much for me! I focus on finished product and what the Supply Co needs for its customers NOW where as the trade show was more aimed at the wholesalers and manufacturers themselves!
Thanks to one of mi sisters from another mister AKA  @clobbercalm.amanda I was able to have some seriously interesting convo's with some serious denim mills such as Candiani (Italy) and Collect (Japan) although I kinda reckon Amanda had it covered without me there!
What I didn't anticipate was the potential Amsterdam held for Clobber-Calm outside the show. My good buddy Jim who studies at Denim City on the international course was more than accommodating when it came to me been in his city and I learned a load about what denim means to the Netherlands. It is honestly beautiful!
But along side this I am a socialite and love meeting the guys so to spend time with @robindenim  @bvo_66  @swissjeanfreak @benzakdenimdevelopers  @ckxstudio and loads more.
To sum it all up. Clobsy loves Amsterdam. There is a shit tonne of stuff to do out there and the city itself is beautiful. #Denimheaven.