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So here is the next instalment from Amanda @23oz.indigo

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Ever wondered how your jeans are made and dyed, well so did the founder of 23oz.indigo.

Created out of a love and fascination of all things denim, @23oz.indigo is a result of years working and exploring the denim industry.

Researching and witnessing many aspects of denim jean production from old historic fits and heritage styling to modern technology enabling new sustainable ways of washing has ingrained the love of the blue stuff and fuelled the need to keep learning more.

Visiting trade shows, factories, makers and experts picking up tips along the way lead to a journey of trying out old and new techniques, tools and skills and after many trials to focus the passion project its time to share the results and hopefully send others down the blue path.

Using influences from favourite travels to places such as Tokyo, Hong kong and the Netherlands @23oz.indigo styles are a combination of ancient Japanese Shibori techniques and simple, oversizes, shapes, and fits making them easy, long-lasting investment pieces that can be treasured and passed down.

Most garments are made from 100% loom state cotton ensuring any processes on the fabric are kept to a minimum allowing the fabric to be in its near pure state enabling it to take on more of the indigo particles in dyeing to give a more vibrant blue design.

Seeing a need for change and more sustainable practices within the clothing industry @23oz.indigo has collaborated with @clobbercalm to create a collection using Bens roots in vintage and second hand clothing and combining them with Amanda’s skills resulting in a beautiful range of overdyed, re-worked and reimagined pieces that give second life to pre loved garments.

Come down to the store 30th June for drinks, indigo chatter and check out the hand dyed and re-workwear collections and try your hand at Shibori techniques between 12-2pm and watch indigo hand dyeing live during the day with demo’s at 11am and 2pm.

Amanda @23oz.indigo