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So, back in January me and Ben had the pleasure of visiting Selvedge Run, in Berlin. I think you've all heard, by now, that we had an awesome time and that wasn't just down to the parties, bratwurst and beer (maybe a tad down to that 😬). No, it was the mega brands + people that we met along the way. Most of which we shared a beer with, anyways, love to multitask, me and Woodsy!

Tonight is the second of the interviews we conducted whilst there and features @knickerbocker. We are going to be posting all of the interviews every day this week, up to Sunday, before Shane aa Mr. Selvedge Run takes a seat at the clobber-cast table next week. So, read on people and enjoy!

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So, what's your name, your role within Knickerbocker and what does a normal day look like for you?

Andrew Livingston, the Owner. A normal day at work, I normally roll into the shop around 9 a.m. and pretty much first thing I do is just make sure everything is put in place right, especially on the factory floor. So usually I just go through, have a coffee walk through the shop floor and make sure everything's in order, any jobs we have going on, check in and see where things left off the day before. Then, first thing's first man, it's like trying to get through all the emails, the quick ones, it's like the low hanging fruit.

Everybody says that, everybody does that first?

Yeah I do the low hanging fruit first, then everyday it’s a different task, our company is small so we all have a lot of different roles. First things first in the shop always just going through the shop floor, seeing things in production make sure everything's up and running.

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Do you tend to work on new product or production?

Yeah, you know we’re always working on new product because we still do production for other brands as well, we’ve always got stuff in development. It’s tough because for the most part, myself, I do all the design but then I'm also in between the business and the books and getting paid and all the other shit. Then, the rest of the team keeps it flowing communication-wise and everything, dealing with all the internet work and suppliers, making sure we have everything that we need.

Tell us about Autumn/Winter for you guys?

I mean the goal for this collection, as it stands right now, is really that it's a pretty simple collection. The goal for it is to obviously hit the Knickerbocker aesthetic, which we like to think is definitely a mix of workwear heritage and a bit of a contemporary take on that. The thought is for the pieces and the fabric, details, buttons etc is to really make it approachable for any guy. So a timeless approach and also very simply versatile in a way just based on designing around production to make it also price point accessible. You know, we never skip steps to sacrifice the quality of the garment but we’re not going overboard. The goal for this specific line is to be very accessible.

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What is you favorite piece for A/W18?

Especially when you're in market, sample season there are so many things that don’t come out as you expected them to but I would say it’s definitely the Type 2 and then just a chore coat. I mean they’re clean, simple pieces but they are classic and they are my favourite, you know.

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Do you do a lot of travelling to trade shows? Do you enjoy trade show season?

Yeah a lot, a lot, and I do enjoy it. Just sometimes you're just like man I wanna fucking sleep you know, you have that to look forward to when you get home. But I do, we get to meet new people, see a lot of the guys we never get to catch up with. The cool thing about our business is we have a lot of good friends.

You pick up new customers and hang out with old ones?

You know what most of the time, you pick up new customers at the bar like, what’s your name? What do you do? Oh, cool, I’ll come see you tomorrow.

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Finally mate, you're trapped on a desert island and you can take 4 items of clothing and 1 drink, what're you taking with you?

I’m thinking 'Lord of the Flies' right now. Swim trunks, that’s a no brainer. Canvas sneakers, I’d say just a pair of Chucks, rubber toe cap to protect my feet from any rocks. A big sun hat, like a big daisy mae bucket hat then I guess I still have the top still to do. Probably some fancy Nike shit to be honest, something that will keep me cool, easy to wash, doesn’t stink.

You’ve gone very practical, a lot of people that have done it are in like 25oz denim and boots?

Nah, fuck that man, I’m in trunks, canvas Chucks, I’ve got my Nike cool-max going on, big hat and then if I had to take one drink, fuck man, I love Gatorade!

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Thanks Andrew, man. Was great to meet you at the Run and hopefully see you again, in July?

Tomorrow, we have the @vibergboot@anzu_jewelry interviews and I'm sure you'll all be looking forward to that...

Peace ✌️