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So, back in January me and Ben had the pleasure of visiting Selvedge Run, in Berlin. I think you've all heard, by now, that we had an awesome time and that wasn't just down to the parties, bratwurst and beer (maybe a tad down to that 😬). No, it was the mega brands + people that we met along the way. Most of which we shared a beer with, anyways, love to multitask, me and Woodsy!

Tonight is the third of the interviews we conducted whilst there and features @vibergboot & @anzu_jewelry. We are going to be posting all of the interviews every day this week, up to Sunday, before Shane aka Mr. Selvedge Run takes a seat at the clobber-cast table next week. So, read on people and enjoy!

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So, what's your name, your role within Viberg and what does a normal day look like for you?

I'm Brad and my role in the company is Creative Director but Creative Director / Owner. Erm, normal day at work, so I don’t live in the same city as my factory so if I am in the factory I usually get to work before 8am and I’m in there in the factory till about 5:30 or 6pm.

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What if you're not in the factory?

Still the same, probably up early, then gym, then start fairly early, then just email, it’s more brainstorming, long term and strategic stuff.

Out of all your boots which do you like best?

I think just our classic service boot, just because it’s kind of the first thing I did, the first thing that I kind of brought back, maybe about 10/11/12 years ago so it's kind of basic, but it’s kind of our identity.

Like, your baby?

Yeah, and there are so many different interpretations of what you can do with it, just with the way that I have developed a bunch of different lasts and shapes and stuff, so yeah.

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So, do you enjoy the trade shows? What do you get from them and what do you hope to achieve?

It’s ok, it’s just, I love the travel and the cities and the friends but that is basically it, the business of it is not…

...the days are long and it's just that I’m not really, I’d much rather be in the factory and working, trying to develop new stuff.

Prefer to be hands on?

Yeah, I’ve been doing this, the circuit trade show for probably like 10 years, there is no way that I could do it for another 10 years, you’d be fucking burnt out, it would kill you.

Tell us about Autumn/Winter for you guys?

Kind of, new leathers, some, how many new styles, 1, 2, 3…a bunch of stuff that’s new and finally the sneaker's ready to go which, I suppose, is not really Autumn/Winter.

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This is the first time you have done a sneaker isn’t it?

Yeah, this is the actual ready to go version, but I don’t know, what's new? What's new Guy?

Guy: Less of a thematic collection usually with us more just a showcase of new materials and new techniques. So the sneaker is a new type of manufacture that we have never done, the boot at the top, the jodper, that is brand new, brand new pattern, the buckle, then mostly it is new materials and new shapes.

Experimentation then?

Guy: Basically it's part of basically the creative process, always trying things out, this is the stuff that works right, the stuff that doesn’t work, doesn’t make it here.

Everything is always in development, I mean, even old stuff is always reworked, it can always be improved so it is always, if it needs to be tweaked for production or if something is off about the pattern the way that it is, even if it is 5 years old, I’ll go back and rework it. Even if the customer would never know, we will find something where it can be improved. A couple of millimetres where I think it needs to be more balanced the way the pattern and everything sits.

Is it a massive process? You know when you have been producing a boot, I mean, I don’t know anything about boot manufacture but I’m interested. Say, let's add 5mm to the width of that shoe for this season for whatever reason. Is that a giant process, like turning a big ship or a speedboat?

It is not like a massive ship but it is a matter of getting the right components so that you can do it. If you're doing one then yeah, it's easy but if your going to do 1000 then yeah you need to make sure you have all the components lined up so you can do it and a realistic timeline. I mean that is basically the issue that I have, I develop so much stuff, I just throw it into our production line and it really messes it up, because we don’t have time to work out the flaws. So you know, we are halfway through a production run and are like, "oh shit" we should have done it like this to make it more efficient or something.

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I think that might be the case with most creative people, to be honest with you?

And you know, the thing is, a lot of what we are doing, I can’t look at another shoe company and say oh well how do they do it, we are pretty unique with what we offer I always try to do different things, so there is nobody else the we that I can look at and say this is how they do it. Because nobody else would really mix all these things up in one production line, it is kind of stupid but you know, that is what makes it interesting.

Keeps you on your toes?

Well yeah otherwise it gets boring, you don’t want to make the same thing over and over.

Finally mate, you're trapped on a desert island and you can take 4 items of clothing and 1 drink, what're you taking with you?

Four items of clothing and one drink *chuckles* that’s good. Erm, I’d probably just take like a Moscow mule and it’s a desert island, I wouldn’t take any boots I’d probably just take flip flops. Yeah cos if it’s a desert island, I’m going to be on the beach. Erm, I don’t know, 4 pieces of clothing, shorts, a Velva Sheen t-shirt and then just a baseball cap for the sun. Nothing too exciting. I wouldn’t take boots though unless I’m going to be in the jungle...otherwise you’ll be sweating your balls off.

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So, what's your name, your role within Anzu Jewelry and what does a normal day look like for you?

My name is Anna Banquitie, I am from Budapest, Hungary but I lived for 8 years in Stuttgart, in the south of Germany. I studied fine art and I learnt also as a goldsmith.

I draw each piece of jewelry by hand, so I have my workspace at home, so I do not have to ‘go’ to work, but on a daily basis I do my jewelry and everything for my business. I’m a newcomer and a one person business.

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How do you like to structure your day then, how do you like to work it?

I'll do my emails first then I've got the preparation to do, I start early morning so I'm not fit to be creative, I do less creative things answer emails or do the invoices etc. After lunch I start to have a look at my orders, then do the orders and in the evening I become more creative so I can think more about new pieces or new collections or photo shoots or themes.

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Out of all the items you create, what's your favourite?

From the male collection right now, my favorite pieces are the money clips because I have just made them. I have never done money clips before and it was really fun to make. It’s jewelry but it's something different.

Trade shows, is this your first trade show?

No, this is my first trade show in this style but I have made it to some other ones.

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What you get from them? Do you get new customers? Is it beneficial?

Because I’m a newcomer, I need new customers, more visitors and I really like it here because everything is handmade and the client understands that it’s handmade and they come because they would like to have something special.

I’d like to ask a question about the artwork, the thing that makes it special, what is the process? How do you do that?

So it is my own technique I started many years ago, just playing around with a special plastic inside and I paint each piece, piece by piece. I have a good magnifying glass for detail with a pencil or a brush. These are special pigments, I draw each piece on to this plastic and I burn it on like ceramics. The colour burns onto the plastic so it is sealed and waterproof and everything is set in sterling silver like a stone. So I can draw anything that my customer would like to order.

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Finally Anna, you're trapped on a desert island and you can take 4 items of clothing and 1 drink, what're you taking with you?

Is it hot on the island? So I will be practical, I think I’d take trainers, my Vans, a pair of jeans, t-shirt and a coat and if it a mixed drink, a whiskey sour drink, that’s my drink and if I’m on my own I would need this drink.

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Thanks Brad, Guy & Anna. Was great to meet you at the Run and hopefully see you both again, in July?

Tomorrow, we have the @3sixteen interview and I'm sure you'll all be looking forward to that...

Peace ✌️