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So, back in January me and Ben had the pleasure of visiting Selvedge Run, in Berlin. I think you've all heard, by now, that we had an awesome time and that wasn't just down to the parties, bratwurst and beer (maybe a tad down to that ūüė¨). No, it was the mega brands + people that we met along the way. Most of which we shared a beer with, anyways, love to multitask, me and Woodsy!

Tonight is the fourth of the interviews we conducted whilst there and features @3sixteen. We are going to be posting all of the interviews every day this week, up to Sunday, before Shane aa Mr. Selvedge Run takes a seat at the clobber-cast table next week. So, read on people and enjoy!

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So, what's your name, your role within 3sixteen and what does a normal day look like for you?

I'm Wesley Scott, I design and work on production for 3sixteen.

A normal day, we usually get in the office around 10 or 11am and really for the first 2/3 hours it's just catching up on emails. We work with so many people in Japan and with the time difference they can't respond until we're already asleep. So, we come in in the morning and blast through everything from the day before. It's just trying to catch up on that stuff, try to deal with the fabric suppliers, the shipping, the customs and just making sure everything runs smoothly. Then, later in the day is when we can have more fun! We can go over the new collection, we can work on tweaking fits, we can get on board with our pattern maker, talk to the factory to make sure production is running smoothly on the current season and if there's any hiccups just deal with that.

Every day is different! Some days can just be meeting all day, on the train just bouncing around the city talking to pattern suppliers, button vendors etc and that can just be the whole day. Also, people can just turn up at our office, a friend of the brand that just wants to hang and we'll make them a coffee and catch up for an hour. It's a lot of fun, not very stressful but we do have stressful moments. Everyone we work with are so good, we are so lucky to work with our suppliers, our mills and people really look out for us. We're very lucky!

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Just you and Andrew, in New York?

Yeah, just us in New York. Since he's got his kids our day starts a little bit later as he spends his morning with them. So, I get to have breakfast at home, have a coffee, read the morning routine before I go to work. Beat rush hour too, before it gets crazy!

Frees you up for the day? Once you've got those things sorted, as soon as you're in work, you're in work mode? A nice balance.

Exactly, it keeps me balanced and I'm the only one in my apartment in the morning. It's the only time of the day when I can deal with all my stuff, that's not work. So that when I'm in work, all I have to concentrate on is work. Having that time to myself in the morning means I can handle everything I need to in my life so that I can going work and I'm just focussed on work and nothing rolls over.

We usually end the day around 7pm and I get to go on a more relaxing commute home, less traffic, less people on the trains, less rush more. I sometimes ride my bike if it's nice enough, decompress for the day and spend time with my girlfriend...just relax!

Have you got a favourite product that 3sixteen produce?

Yeah, for sure, I'm really into our BDU Shirt. We did one last season in a black satin fabric that was really close to some of the military wear, that we'd see in the 50's/60's. It was one of those jackets that we worked on and worked on and worked on, it took a lot of tweaks to make it perfect. Very functional, lots of pockets and it just works. I wear mine almost every day when the weather permits and it's something we're all really proud of it. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

That, and our chinos. I actually had the chinos made in our 220 fabric as I love the cut of our chinos, the slanted pockets and I love our black fabric. So, our 220 jeans in general, I've had a pair that I've worn for 4 years but it's between those two things for my favourite stuff.

What do you enjoy about trade shows and trade show season? Plus, what do you hope to achieve from them?

I think, as Selvedge Run is the only trade show we do it's really important for us to find the time to face new customers, new shops. It's our time to actually meet with the retailers in Europe that we only get to see twice a year. So, usually it's Andrew & Spencer and it's big for them to maintain the accounts and to show that we're still here and we want to support. If you only talk over email there's only so far a relationship can develop. Coming out here, the intention is mainly to keep building our relationships with the people. Plus, if we pick up some new accounts along the way that's great! That's not the pure need though, we won't be bummed out if we don't pick up any new accounts. It also gives us a chance to share the spoils of our labour, the new collections, the excitement with people.

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Tell us about Autumn/Winter for you guys?

In fall we've carried out a colour palette from S/S with a lot of new fabric developments, a lot of fun stuff! Stuff we've been working on with Japan for over a year and some new silhouettes that I think our customers will be really excited about. Trying to keep it small enough that there's nothing unnecessary but big enough that it's exciting for everybody.

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Finally mate, you're trapped on a desert island and you can take 4 items of clothing and 1 drink, what're you taking with you?

This is hard as I normally wear 4 items just on my top half aha. It'd have to be the 220x jeans, for sure. Definitely one of our tees, I overdye a lot of our tees different colours so one of them. Our BDU Shirt as it's got a lot of pockets, very functional so I can carry stuff if I'm foraging. I guess I need some shoes, a pair of boots...I got a few pairs of Margela boots that I really like as they're lightweight but still sturdy. I've been wearing them for a few years, so them.

Drink? Would probably have to be a coffee. Just a plain, black coffee.

I suppose if it's an idyllic island the coffee would work as you'd be able to stay up longer and see more BUT what if it's not idyllic?

Chamomile tea ha!

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Thanks Wesley, man. Was great to meet you at the Run and hopefully see you again, in July?

Tomorrow, we have the @877workshop & @buttsandshoulders interviews and I'm sure you'll all be looking forward to that...

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