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Ben @clobbercalm here and today we talk Trickers Shoes @trickers_shoes and the shizzle that is the Monkey boot I collaborated on with them.

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The Clobber Calm x Trickers Shoes Collab


I had two rules when first entering the design meet a few months back!

1 = They must look incredible with selvedge denim.

2 = They must look radicals if worn with a suit.

I was nervous as shit heading in the design meeting and remained nervous right up until I went to see the finished product a few weeks back with my resident camera/film dude Joshy Boy, of Walnut Creative. However once I saw the cheeky little monkey in all its glory the anxiety quickly flipped to excitement! Its a frigging beaut!

Now the plan is to launch the 9 eyelet reverse Kudu Suede Monkey boots on June 2nd with our mates Adele and Daniel heading our way for a day of Trickers talk and Adele showing us yet again the her skill in bespoke shoe making live in store. Awesome. And everybody is welcome. See the facebook event here.

What I didn't expect was the popularity the boot would attain via the pre order service. They have nearly all gone already! So wanted to to say a MASSIVE Thanks and Much RESPECT to all who have supported this collaboration and there is more in the pipeline regards this Clobber Exclusive monkey boot so if you missed out this time don't worry. It will be different leathers in the future of course but I'm not gonna choose a dull one so were good!

Here is the link for anyone wanting to buy the last few pairs.

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Anyways as always people much love and respect for the support you show us daily whilst we stride forward in our denim dream.

Stay Close

Ben - @clobbercalm