What is a Clobber Call?

Well. It's me Clobsy dropping into the blog again on a random Friday evening but I promise its not without good reason.

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After talking to my Denim Bro's from all over the globe I made the decision it was time to change the way people were getting there Clobber online. The feedback I received was unanimous that dudes everywhere struggle like mad to guarantee a fit that works for them when buying online which is not only totally understandable but a HUGH issue so I'm guna put it right.

I started buying drawing up a document/process called The "Interactive Customer Service Experience" or for short the ICSE. (A name which whilst filming the service video was very quickly changed to the "Clobber Call" thanks to Josh of Team Walnut ;)

So whats a clobber call? A CC shall we say is basically me fetching the Supply Co to your living Room, Office Desk, Back Garden even? Totally upto you. What I want is our customers and the Denim community to to get the best possible hassle free service so as of June you will have the option to simply schedule a 1 to 1 video direct my myself or member of the CCSC team. So we can discuss your denim (Or Leather) requirements face to face and remove all the risk that comes with buying from a computer screen. It really is simple. I don't know why I've never thought of it before.

So what next?

Simple! Just visit the Website or Facebook page and schedule a call right here Book a Call (We will do the dialling folks) And the cherry on top? Our shipping will be FREE internationally on all purchases. Imagine your clobber rocking up and it fitting just like you want it to! Next to no returns! Its a win win.

Now get a call scheduled brother and sisters! I wanna talk denim!

Stay Raw.

Much Love.

Ben - @clobbercalm  @clobbercalm