'Full Count is only for the purist.' Formed in 1992, the difficulty facing Mr. Mikiharu Tsujita was similar to being up to bat in baseball with 3 balls and 2 strikes, which led him to name his company Full Count. The initial attraction of creating the perfect denim stemmed from Mr. Tsujita's beloved vintage Levis XX (1947-1953) leather patch jeans. Miki-San's aim is for quality, comfort and daily wear; so good in fact, you do not wish to take them off. Previously an employee of Lapine in Osaka, together with Mr. Yamane of Evisu and store customers the Shiotani brothers (Warehouse & Co), formed Evis jeans in 1991. However a difference in direction led the two friends on divergent paths. This was the stimulus towards the now famed Osaka 5, of which Full Count is a founding member.

The Osaka 5 revolutionized the denim world and are responsible for the vintage jeans boom of the 90s. Similarly in 1994, the use of Zimbabwean cotton was revolutionary. Full Count were the first Japanese brand to utilize this lustrous, long staple cotton. Miki-San explains that Zimbabwean cotton is very similar to the 1940s American cotton, and produces a world famous soft yet sturdy hand, which Full Count is known for. Woven on the original shuttle looms Levis used in the 1960s, Full Count proudly produces some of the finest jeans in the world.

A mate once said to me, "Hey Ben, that Zimbabwean cotton is supposed to be the best there is for creating beautiful denim." This was a fair few years back now and I had never even thought of any denim coming from Zimbabwe, or anything else for that matter. As always, I quickly buried my nose into Google and came out with an undeniable thirst to see a pair of Full Count jeans in the flesh. Now, I'm lucky enough to stock the stuff!" - @clobbercalm