Located in Richmond's historic Shockoe Bottom, once the bustling center for tobacco and cotton traders, Shockoe's showroom creates an environment that resembles an art studio more than a traditional retail store, where anyone can watch the product come to life – allowing them to be a part of the entire creative process. The hum of sewing machines echo the personalities of each of their artisans. And because each jean is crafted by hand, every piece is truly one of a kind.

Shockoe Atelier is a family owned and operated company.

"It's no secret that us here, at clobber-calm, have a close relationship with the Shockoe boys. If you don't already know, throughout 2017 we have documented our fade contest and sent 5 pairs of the Shockoe Kojimas out into the world to 5 totally different folks so we can see what happens as they sport them as much as (physically) possible. Basically, us and Shockoe are mates AND it's totally an honour to be their first UK stockist. If you want something different then look no further. These lads are setting a bar and the word is travelling fast!" - @clobbercalm

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