Tony Patella and Pete Searson have been like-minded friends since 1990. Their love for durable goods, their respect for where they came from and who made them is found in their brand. "We are 100% committed to the city of San Francisco and will make our jeans here and only here, forever. This place is the home of blue jean culture as we know it and moving production somewhere else to save a couple of bucks just won't happen. If you know us, you know this to be true..."

"Not much I can add about the Tellason lads, although, they were the first actual brand to work with me on the clobber-calm blog to create a feature when they agreed to do 'The Brands Behind The Menswear' issue 01. It kicked us off to a flying start with the brands project and I instantly went out and bought the Coverall from then. To this day, it's in my top 3 favourite denim jackets and my choice of jacket if I was to be stranded on a desert island." @clobbercalm